Serving size:

1-3 Teaspoons of Tea Mix. Steep for 5 -15 minutes in Hot Water. The longer it Steeps, the more potent the Tea will be. If Desired add Stevia to Sweeten, and a Dash of Creamer, Coconut oil, or Butter, to better bind the Cannabinoids during the Infusion process. This will Aid in more easily Digesting and Absorbing Cannabinoids.

How it Works:

Hot water releases the Natural oils from the Hemp seeds, flowers and Leaves from the Hemp Plant. They are filled with Vitamins, Minerals, Flavonoids, Terpenes and antioxidants. The Steeping process assists in the Release of CBDa and many other plant nutrients, including Phytocannabinoids.

Hemp Tea is among the Healthiest Of Beverages on the Planet. In Ancient India, Hemp Tea was Prepared as a Ritual, to Welcome Guests. It was known as Bhang, and was Also used as Medicine. Hemp Tea may aid in Reducing Chronic pain, Alleviating Anxiety, Depression, and Aid in Sleep.

For Variation: Steep, strain, then Refrigerate leftovers to Add to Smoothies, Or Chill, and Make Iced Tea to sip on.

Ingredients: Organic Hand trimmed, Dried and Cured Cannabis Sativa L flowers. Mixed with crushed Hemp Seeds and leaves. Contains approximately 30 Tablespoons of Premium Tea Mix.

Industrial Hemp Grown and Protected under the 2014-2018 Federal Farm Bill Act. Contains under the Legal Limit of O.3% THC, New Era Farms. Registered and Compliant Industrial Hemp Farm. Colorado. USA.